let’s chat bride to bride instead of photographer to client.

First of all, I’m truly thankful you are here. Deciding on a wedding photographer is a BIG deal. So THANK YOU for considering me—I’m honored. Wedding Photography is a lot of things, but it is primarily an investment. I get it- it seems crazy spending so much money on photos of ONE day. I’ve also been a bride myself, so I totally understand trying to plan your dream wedding on a budget. So let’s talk bride to bride here for just a second. I would tell you this next statement weather I was a wedding photographer or not. You will never regret spending a large part of your budget on your wedding photography. Never.

Here’s what I know: the moments will fade, your curls will fall, the music will stop playing, the sparklers will burn out, flowers will wilt, but your photos will last forever. I put a lot of time into making sure you remember the most intimate moments of your wedding day for generations to come. Invest in the opportunity to freeze these moments in time. You won’t regret it.

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Making the decision on who captures your memories is a huge deal. YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH IT MEANS TO ME THAT YOU ARE HERE.